Monday, December 6, 2010

The many wonders of Petroleum Jelly.

You may be wondering what you can do with that jar of petroleum jelly sitting under your cabinet gathering dust well I am here to tell you the many uses of petroleum jelly.

 So a couple of weeks ago I had ran out of makeup wipes and I was in one of my I want to experiment with my makeup moods. I did my makeup and when it came time to take it off I tried to take one side off with soap and water and a hand towel..let me tell you that hurt like nobody's business. So i grabbed my jar of jelly sitting on the counter and proceeded to slap it on my eye used a piece of toilet tissue and low and behold it wipes right off. I was amazed I even went out and made my boyfriend watch me take my makeup off..he thought i was a nut case. Then I thought about it there are so many things you can do with this stuff this stuff is like the ultimate bathroom mulitasker.

1.Use petroleum jelly when you are dying your hair at home. Place it around your hairline and the dye will come right off. That is a miracle because every time I do my hair at home i end up looking like my hairline is the horizon.

2.Making your eyelashes grow yes ladies you heard me right. This stuff can make your lashes grow. Just apply a little dab on your lashes every night before you go to bed and within no time you will start to see results. 

3.Petroleum jelly can also be used to remove false eyelash glue. Nothing like taking your makeup off and being left with a strip of eyelash glue right above the lashes. Just slip a little on top and use a cotton bud it will come right off.

4.Hide split ends. The rest of your hair looks clean and sleek. Then your ends are just frayed. Simple fix to that issue put a little dab of the jelly on your finger tips and run it through the ends. It will work well until you get the chance to hit the salon and get a much needed trim.

5.Use as a lip gloss this works perfect just add a little dab over your lipstick and out the door you go.

6. Prevent razor burn after shaving your legs just rub this on your legs added plus to this you get a bit of a shine on your legs!

7. Lip Exfoliator. In a container mix a tablespoon of petroleum jelly and a tablespoon of course salt. Rub onto your lips wait a few minutes then rub with an old toothbrush and rinse. Makes your lips softer and more kissable. 

Hope you enjoyed the many uses and hope you can put some of these to use. Thank you for reading and until next time.
blackbird1289..the makeup addict!

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