Sunday, July 3, 2011

Make at Home Concealer!

This I think is a great idea. I have been studying up on some ways to make makeup at home. One of the things I thought would be hard to make is concealer but I just recently found a way to make it and it is super simple and super easy and can be made with just 2 things!!
First thing you are going to need is a small container like a container from a gel liner will work make sure it is cleaned out and dry.
Second thing you will need is foundation!!
Now all you do is put a couple pumps of your favorite foundation into the container pop it into the fridge for 1-3 days depending on oils and moisture to your foundation..then voilĂ  concealer in your shade!!

This is simple and has been great for me after it comes out of the fridge just put the lid on it and its perfectly fine!!
thanks for reading,.blackbird1289..the makeup addict!