Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 must haves for the makeup beginner

 If you are new to makeup starting your collection can be kind of scary at points and mostly overwhelming. There are so many products and tools to choose from that you kind of stand there with a dumbfounded look on your face. Here is my guide to what I think is most important product wise. I will later have a post about starter tools!  
I think the most important thing to start off with is a sunblock. The most important 
thing you can do is protect your skin from the sun. I prefer to use a sunblock that is also a tinted moisturizer nothing like a multi tasking product to save you a little bit of moolah! The one i suggest you try is the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear spf 50 this exact one goes for about $12.99 U.S dollar and I think that is a steal for protecting your skin.

Foundation is a necessity in my makeup bag and it should be in yours as well. I for one do not have perfect skin and using a foundation helps to cover my imperfections. I have slightly oily skin so I use a makeup for combination oily skin to even out the oil. I suggest using the Revlon ColorStay with soft flex this makeup is comparable to M.A.C studio fix it is a high coverage makeup this particular makeup goes for about $10.00-11.00 U.S dollars. compared to the M.A.C being 35 dollars I personally think this is the best option if you are looking for full coverage.
Nothing like having blush to add a little glow and color to your cheeks to make you look lively when you just climbed out of bed after a not so great night of sleep. I think this is one of the things that can really pull your makeup look together and make you look polished and finished. This Particular product is Maybelline New Yorks dream matte mousse blush in number 20 peach satin. I adore this and it goes for about $5.94 U.S dollar.

Why not make the most sensual part of your face even more sensual by adding a little bit of color and shine. I am not a big lipstick wearer but if I do wear lipstick i suggest you buy the Revlon color burst lipstick in whatever color best suits you this product goes for $6.49 U.S dollar. Now what I prefer is lip gloss and my absolute favorite is Sinful Colors lip gloss and this lip gloss can not be beat at $1.99 U.S dollar.

Make your peepers pop with a fresh coat of mascara. I for one think that mascara can make or break your makeup look. This mascara is the Covergirl Lash Blast this is the one I swear by it goes on beautifully and I have never had it clump ever. This mascara goes for $6.99 U.S dollar.

There are many kinds of eyeliner. You do not have to buy all of these the one you ABSOLUTLY need is the pencil(shown above is the Jordana retractable liner $1.99 U.S dollar). I for one prefer to do my top lid eyeliner with either a liquid pen(shown above is the incolor fabu liner in black $1.99 U.S dollar) or a gel liner(shown above is the wet n wild mega eyes creme eyeliner in black $2.99 U.S dollar). 

Once you get used to buying product and doing your makeup more and more you can broaden your horizons and purchase SOO much more makeup but this is what you need to survive. Thank You for reading and until next time
blackbird1289..the makeup addict! 

My Favorite Time of the Year

 Here we have it ladies and gents my favorite time of the year. The time when Target starts to sell e.l.f products and brushes. By far my absolute favorite brushes are e.l.f brushes and I mean you can't really beat them at one dollar a piece you can also on their website get an entire set of them for 12 dollars u.s. The only downfall to these brushes is the handles fall off easily. I have had my set of them for a little over a year now and I've had to glue the handles twice that does not bother me though because I am in love with these brushes. The makeup from e.l.f is not terrible either I do not have very much of their makeup but the stuff I do have I love. I am still getting used to this blogging thing I have so much in store for this blog. Reviews on the best and worst drugstore lip gloss coming soon and best eyebrow pencil in fact the only one I would ever use! Thanks for reading and until next time.   blackbird1289..the makeup addict!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wet n' wild lust pallet

So I have always been a die hard drugstore makeup girl I mean my "expensive purchases" only include like five things and that is things I have gotten for Christmas or Birthdays. When I saw that Wet n' Wild had out pallets I was like heck yes!! Well I went and checked them out and my first impression was eh I don't know if I should try these or not so I waited around until I saw some reviews on it and found that the Lust pallet is almost all dupes for M.A.C shadows including one of my all time favorite shadows Fig1. I had to get it! I bought it when I was visiting my family in St.Louis so it was about a dollar cheaper there..score! Well I got in the car and right away swatched it on my leg and when I went to wipe it off it stained my leg and I was impressed to say the least that a drugstore shadow pallet would stain. I used it for my entire makeup look later that night. Going to my cousins wedding I wanted to make sure that my makeup would last through all the dancing and fun. It sure enough did.I had so many compliments on my makeup and when I told people it was a Wet n' Wild pallet they were in shock. I can not praise this pallet enough it has been my go to makeup for the last month I have not used any other shadows and thats perfectly fine because having six different shadows I can do something different every day. Plus its purple which compliments my blueish green grey eyes prefectly! I'm using this so much that I am going to have to go get a couple back up's for when I run out, yes it's that great. The above pictures are a picture of the pallet itself the middle shade on the right hand side is the the e/s that looks like M.A.C's Fig1. The second picture is swatches of the pallet to show you how pigmented they are. Thanks for reading and until next time
                                                                     blackbird1289..The Makeup Addict!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get to Know me a bit

First and foremost I want to introduce myself..I'm a simple girl from Missouri who just moved to Georgia to spend my life with my amazing love Aaron we have a dog named Ottis a Pittbull German Shepard mix who is the cutest thing I have ever saw. This blog is my story of my trials of new products I buy mainly drugstore I pride myself on making beautiful looks on a cheap budget.!