Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creme Eyeshadow at home!

It's known that I want to do things cheap and easy so when I got an eyeshadow I didn't much care for I did not just want to throw it out so I was thinking hmm maybe I can press this pigment but then thats kind of expensive because then I have to get all the stuff. I ended up mixing it with some petroleum jelly. It worked pretty well as a creme eyeshadow. You have to put it on kind of thin then put a shadow over top but it helps to make the said horrid shadow more vibrant!
Here are some pictures from when I did it!
start out with some petroleum jelly I'm using vaseline you do not have to.

Next i used a small lid off a tanner bottle. When completed I just covered it with saran wrap!

Added some of the jelly to the lid.

Added a little amount of boytoy pigment from Medusa Makeup.

Mixed it all together until it was smooth and no chunks!

Lastly gave you guys a little swatch..this color is gorgeous it just does not show up well unless you have a super sticky base :(.

I would like to thank you for reading!
Blackbird1289..the makeup addict!