Monday, December 13, 2010

Hair Washing Trick!!

Some of you may already know this trick but I want to share it with everyone. I tend to have a little more grease in my hair than should be so I am always looking for new products to help or new ways to get rid of the crud. Well I came along this little trick..dry shampooing no not like the spray dry shampoo putting your actual shampoo on your hair while it is still dry!

Make sure you comb through your hair completely no knots or anything.
Take about as much shampoo as you normally would in the palm of your hand. Start by rubbing it between your hands start at the roots and spread it down to the ends. Next thing you do is just get your hands wet then run them through your hair. Keep doing so until you have a nice lather going then you hop in the shower and wash it out!!

I hope this tip helps someone that comes across it because it totally has helped me.
Thanks for reading, blackbird1289..the makeup addict! 

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