Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cheap Christmas Gifts!!

With the holiday's coming up I thought I would do a post on some of the cheaper but nice things you can get for gifts. Starting with most of the things from Wal*Marts Hard Candy collection. Most of the stuff is either 5 to 8 dollars and pretty decent as far as I know Hard Candy is a form of Urban Decay. Wal*Mart also has gift sets. One being the 10 piece brush set for 10 dollars. They have a decent quality for the price. I mean come on you can not beat 10 brushes for 10 bucks. These are great for beginners or just a low budget makeup artist. Also for someone like my mother who does not understand the use and care of a good quality brush. Target has e.l.f makeup kits for 1 to 15 dollars. I have a lot of products from this company and I love it. Some things are hit or miss but I feel that is ALL companies. They have a pallet that I believe is 80 colors it is similar to the coastal scents pallets but about 15 dollars cheaper and you don't have to pay shipping and handling!! Total plus for someone like me who does not have a credit or debit card. Also Wal*Mart right now has a double pack of the Sally Hansen nail polish strips for about 12 bucks which normally they are around ten bucks!! If I find anymore deals I will update this post but that is what I have seen for now! 

Thanks for reading!! 
Blackbird1289, The Makeup Addict!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hey y'all!! Sorry I have been M.I.A I have been busy working my butt off. Halloween is my busy season with makeup! This is just an update I will be making some new blog posts. So keep an eye out there are some exciting things coming, some dupe pallets for some very expensive pallets and just some really awesome reviews of some decent cheap makeup I have stumbled across lately!!

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Blackbird1289, The Makeup Addict. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Make at Home Concealer!

This I think is a great idea. I have been studying up on some ways to make makeup at home. One of the things I thought would be hard to make is concealer but I just recently found a way to make it and it is super simple and super easy and can be made with just 2 things!!
First thing you are going to need is a small container like a container from a gel liner will work make sure it is cleaned out and dry.
Second thing you will need is foundation!!
Now all you do is put a couple pumps of your favorite foundation into the container pop it into the fridge for 1-3 days depending on oils and moisture to your foundation..then voilĂ  concealer in your shade!!

This is simple and has been great for me after it comes out of the fridge just put the lid on it and its perfectly fine!!
thanks for reading,.blackbird1289..the makeup addict!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey y'all I just wanted to give a little bit of an update seeing as I have not updated in a long time. I mentioned in my about me that I lived in Georgia and was from St. Louis. I am now back in St. Louis and currently making a living doing some freelance makeup. I am currently trying to get back on track with this blog. I am also planning a trip to IMATS next year with my cousin. Its a dream of ours to go to IMATS so this blog will also tell the story of our progress of getting to IMATS!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creme Eyeshadow at home!

It's known that I want to do things cheap and easy so when I got an eyeshadow I didn't much care for I did not just want to throw it out so I was thinking hmm maybe I can press this pigment but then thats kind of expensive because then I have to get all the stuff. I ended up mixing it with some petroleum jelly. It worked pretty well as a creme eyeshadow. You have to put it on kind of thin then put a shadow over top but it helps to make the said horrid shadow more vibrant!
Here are some pictures from when I did it!
start out with some petroleum jelly I'm using vaseline you do not have to.

Next i used a small lid off a tanner bottle. When completed I just covered it with saran wrap!

Added some of the jelly to the lid.

Added a little amount of boytoy pigment from Medusa Makeup.

Mixed it all together until it was smooth and no chunks!

Lastly gave you guys a little swatch..this color is gorgeous it just does not show up well unless you have a super sticky base :(.

I would like to thank you for reading!
Blackbird1289..the makeup addict!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hair Washing Trick!!

Some of you may already know this trick but I want to share it with everyone. I tend to have a little more grease in my hair than should be so I am always looking for new products to help or new ways to get rid of the crud. Well I came along this little trick..dry shampooing no not like the spray dry shampoo putting your actual shampoo on your hair while it is still dry!

Make sure you comb through your hair completely no knots or anything.
Take about as much shampoo as you normally would in the palm of your hand. Start by rubbing it between your hands start at the roots and spread it down to the ends. Next thing you do is just get your hands wet then run them through your hair. Keep doing so until you have a nice lather going then you hop in the shower and wash it out!!

I hope this tip helps someone that comes across it because it totally has helped me.
Thanks for reading, blackbird1289..the makeup addict! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

The many wonders of Petroleum Jelly.

You may be wondering what you can do with that jar of petroleum jelly sitting under your cabinet gathering dust well I am here to tell you the many uses of petroleum jelly.

 So a couple of weeks ago I had ran out of makeup wipes and I was in one of my I want to experiment with my makeup moods. I did my makeup and when it came time to take it off I tried to take one side off with soap and water and a hand towel..let me tell you that hurt like nobody's business. So i grabbed my jar of jelly sitting on the counter and proceeded to slap it on my eye used a piece of toilet tissue and low and behold it wipes right off. I was amazed I even went out and made my boyfriend watch me take my makeup off..he thought i was a nut case. Then I thought about it there are so many things you can do with this stuff this stuff is like the ultimate bathroom mulitasker.

1.Use petroleum jelly when you are dying your hair at home. Place it around your hairline and the dye will come right off. That is a miracle because every time I do my hair at home i end up looking like my hairline is the horizon.

2.Making your eyelashes grow yes ladies you heard me right. This stuff can make your lashes grow. Just apply a little dab on your lashes every night before you go to bed and within no time you will start to see results. 

3.Petroleum jelly can also be used to remove false eyelash glue. Nothing like taking your makeup off and being left with a strip of eyelash glue right above the lashes. Just slip a little on top and use a cotton bud it will come right off.

4.Hide split ends. The rest of your hair looks clean and sleek. Then your ends are just frayed. Simple fix to that issue put a little dab of the jelly on your finger tips and run it through the ends. It will work well until you get the chance to hit the salon and get a much needed trim.

5.Use as a lip gloss this works perfect just add a little dab over your lipstick and out the door you go.

6. Prevent razor burn after shaving your legs just rub this on your legs added plus to this you get a bit of a shine on your legs!

7. Lip Exfoliator. In a container mix a tablespoon of petroleum jelly and a tablespoon of course salt. Rub onto your lips wait a few minutes then rub with an old toothbrush and rinse. Makes your lips softer and more kissable. 

Hope you enjoyed the many uses and hope you can put some of these to use. Thank you for reading and until next time.
blackbird1289..the makeup addict!