Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wet n' wild lust pallet

So I have always been a die hard drugstore makeup girl I mean my "expensive purchases" only include like five things and that is things I have gotten for Christmas or Birthdays. When I saw that Wet n' Wild had out pallets I was like heck yes!! Well I went and checked them out and my first impression was eh I don't know if I should try these or not so I waited around until I saw some reviews on it and found that the Lust pallet is almost all dupes for M.A.C shadows including one of my all time favorite shadows Fig1. I had to get it! I bought it when I was visiting my family in St.Louis so it was about a dollar cheaper there..score! Well I got in the car and right away swatched it on my leg and when I went to wipe it off it stained my leg and I was impressed to say the least that a drugstore shadow pallet would stain. I used it for my entire makeup look later that night. Going to my cousins wedding I wanted to make sure that my makeup would last through all the dancing and fun. It sure enough did.I had so many compliments on my makeup and when I told people it was a Wet n' Wild pallet they were in shock. I can not praise this pallet enough it has been my go to makeup for the last month I have not used any other shadows and thats perfectly fine because having six different shadows I can do something different every day. Plus its purple which compliments my blueish green grey eyes prefectly! I'm using this so much that I am going to have to go get a couple back up's for when I run out, yes it's that great. The above pictures are a picture of the pallet itself the middle shade on the right hand side is the the e/s that looks like M.A.C's Fig1. The second picture is swatches of the pallet to show you how pigmented they are. Thanks for reading and until next time
                                                                     blackbird1289..The Makeup Addict!

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